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Meet Our Board of Directors!

Meet Our Board of Directors!!

Though the snacks served at our Board meetings are legendary, it is more than snacks that attract talented local folks to serve on our agency’s Board.  We so value our Boards’ impact on The Learning Web that we want to take time to highlight who they are and why they work on the LW’s behalf.  From reading budgets to gathering auctions items for our Music Spectacular to volunteering to hold mock interviews for youth participants, these folks keep on contributing.  Our continuing thanks goes out to:

We hesitate to publish this news story knowing that other agencies will want to steal these amazing folks!  We realize that the quality of the people we have supporting our agency and the quality of their work on the Board are of the highest caliber.  While we hope their tenure is long, if you are impatient to get those fabulous snacks, let us know and we will add you to our wait list. ☺