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Life Skills

Life Skills services are available to young people ages 16-24 who are living at home or in stable housing but who are facing barriers around addiction, education, employment, social/emotional barriers, lack of sufficient income, pregnancy, or parenting a child themselves.  Through a contract with the Tompkins Department of Social Services, these services are also available to youth living in family foster care.


  • Strengthen your skills at raising your child
  • Provide childcare equipment, parenting supplies, and parent self-care resources 
  • Help arrange childcare options

If your family is involved with the Department of Social Services, our staff can help support and advocate for you and your child.

Help finding and keeping a job is an important service of Life Skills


  • Find job openings
  • Get ready to apply for a job (filling out applications, creating a resume and practicing interviewing)
  • Solve issues like transportation, childcare, or getting clothes for work
  • Explore your career interests and go on workplace tours
  • Offer paid apprenticeships where you can brush up your work skills, and develop a good reference


  • Provide help with classwork, getting to school, or with other school issues
  • Set up tutoring
  • Accompany you to speak to teachers or school staff
  • Help with school supplies
  • Assist with re-entering school, including dealing with financial barriers


  • Help working out housing-related issues with your parents, with partners, or the people you live with
  • Apply for Section 8 or other housing assistance
  • Address issues with your landlord to avoid eviction

If you are experiencing homelessness or at risk of being homeless, contact Youth Outreach.

Gain the skills to become an independent and self-sufficient adult!

Life Skills staff also offer recreational events such as outdoor activities, arts projects, parent-child activities etc. where you can relax, have fun and relieve stress. Life Skills staff are always available to help you with an issue or talk about what is on your mind.